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La Crisi - Anteprima: III - Paura a Colazione [2011]

Posted: mercoledì 17 agosto 2011 by Lou Cipher in Etichette: , ,

Genere: Hardcore - Italian

Stay Hardcore è lieta di comunicare l'uscita del nuovo lavoro del combo hardcore italiano La Crisi intitolato "III - Paura a Colazione",ufficializzata per 15 di settembre! Finalmente ritornano sulle scene, ad infuocare palchi e cuori di tutti i loro fans (tra cui il sottoscritto) e di tutta italia!!! Che dire, un attesa ben ripagata, visti i lavori precedenti che sono delle schegge di rabbia e furia fuori dal comune!

Ecco la tracklist in anteprima:

01. La lite di sempre

02. Il Campionato della Noia

03. Corpo Estraneo

04. Paura a colazione

05. Puntuale Arriva l'uragano

06. Una spiegazione logica

07. Non vale niente

08. Morte e saette

09. Missione fallita

10. Sono il tuo eroe

11. Il nostro peggior nemico

12. La Mia amica sfortuna

13. Scomodo e Inutile

14. Diasgio a 18 carati

Che dire, ora tocca aspettare il 15, e gustarci questo lavoro a tutto volume!!!Rimanete sintonizzati per ulteriori info!!!

Pinolo HC

Project Struggle

Posted: martedì 2 agosto 2011 by Lou Cipher in Etichette: , ,

Genere: Hardcore - Punk

Said Project Struggle (PS) which inspired the philosophy of its own phrase "Project for a struggle". An unyielding spirit of the struggle of life and survival for stepping in real life that is so critical in terms of positive and negative views.
A word will not be exhausted in the struggle to talk about, the many struggles in the face in human life. Starting from a friendship in a settlement that is so simple in the city of Batam, the initial alloy and the collaboration of Mario and Aan get communicate and finally result mutual exchange ideas about hardcore music, tells a mindset about the life critical, social and daily outlook that tells the real life struggles and Hardcore music. The theme that we talked about in everyday life and eventually we formed a container of emotions in the hearts and minds, and pour in a lyric story.
Project formed Struggle (PS) in mid-May 2003, forming a single thought to contribute positively to the mission and vision of a consistent movement of Batam City Hardcore scene (BCHC). In a single thought, Mario and Aan produce inherent distortion of real life and glue. And regeneration of PS was is Mario (Vocal), Aan (guitar), Donny (guitar), Donald (Bass), Charlie (drums).
The concept of musicality PS was more to the Melodic New / Old School Hardcore. And influence by Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Poison The Well, Buried Alive, Burning Inside, Step Forward.
Recognition of the composition - the composition of the song PS, creating 3 song (In My Life, Where Are You Come From? And Struggle !!!). Musicality in the song lyric PS tell what we were talking and we see from the view of everyday life, lyric Hardcore firm in the spirit of life, never give up, the struggle of real life and pro-social cons around.
Of movement and achievement that has been created, proving the existence of PS in the gigs arena and the scene BCHC.
Over time and that not so long ago Donald resigned, the reason Donald chose to career concentration, after which Donald and Charlie following the resignation of the PS with the reasons for choosing the job and lectures for the future, comes to this band (PS) naturally vacuum, and achievement is not maintained up to 1 year old and finally Mario and Aan expressed PS disbanded in late 2003.
Starting from the vacuum that has been stagnant for so long up to 7 years, 7 years stagnant and not move to awaken the band.
But Hose seven years later, in May 2010 shed some light on the spirit of Mario one never goes out to awaken the PS that has collapsed. At that time Mario is committed to fight for the complete the PS personnel, Mario invites Angga to move the contents of PS with the same mindset which aims to build the PS and the moving scene in BCHC.
Mario and Angga had previously been friends a long time within the scope of the scene in Batam. To complement the more complete in the PS, Mario and Angga took Didi and Medi, who joined also in the scope of the scene in Batam. September 2010 PS time started to fly the flag at the scene of Batam. PS is equipped personnel at the time, and line up the PS is Mario (Vocal), Didi (guitar), Angga (Bass), Medi (drums). And in March 2011 to add the guitar instrument, Yoz (Savat) joined to fill the vacancy in the position of the guitar, adding Yoz With the inclusion of color in PS Parts musicality. Over times everything starts from friendship, exchange ideas and Underground music movement of the work on musicality Youth Crew Hardcore parts PS is now more directed to the Old School Melodic Hardcore / Punk. Influence more to the Youth Of Today, Minor Threat, Bold, Chain Of Strength, Shutdown, Have Heart, Municipal Waste, Miles Away, Terror, Straight Answers, Thinking Straight.
The story is in the cries of the PS lyric about the struggle and the spirit of life, tells the Pros / cons of real life around him, Social, United, Live Positive. 10 Track List has been created at this time, recording achievement has also been done to make the first mini album. With the cultivation of the first mini-album that will come, PS labels own records. With a single anthem "Never Give Up", as well as on behalf of the name of the PS first mini-album to come.
With the recent formation of PS is currently attended by Vocal: xMariox (Forgiveness Before Death, The Retaxs), Guitar: Didi (Take Off), Guitar: Yoz/Savat (Jamban Riot 'RIP'), Bass: Angga (Rising Fist, Karnivora), Drum: Medi (Mimic Horns God).
7 years is enough already relics that have been left behind, it's time to put PS inspiring a movement that forms of life and spirit that will never be extinguished in the movement of the Scene in Batam, of course also to the movement of BCHC. And the movement of PS will not give up continue and strive always for the hardcore track .
Project Struggle still alive. Make a proud. Make a change and never give up!!!